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Laser Marking, Dot Peen Marking, Embossing, Coding, Scribing, Tag Technologies "Laserator TUWANA Fiber Laser 3D Engraving & Marking System"
Marking Systems & Technologies

Laserator TUWANA 3D Fiber Laser Engraving System

Laserator3D Software is specifically designed for 2D, 3D marking and engraving on 2D and 3D work pieces by controlling our proprietary design 3rd axis optic lens mechanism that changes focal length of the laser beam dynamically and surely faster than the conventional mechanical lenses. User can easily match a STL extended 3D content fro engraving or marking operation with the work piece. Our Laserator3D Software can import not only STL extended files as contents to be laser-processed but also 3D DXF extended files to be often used as templates.

Laserator3D enables users to import 3D models on to work area, to establish the proper positions of them and to slice them to required numbers. Additionally, our software let us see the sliced model in both 2D and 3D states. Operator can easily assign different laser parameters to different slices. Our Laserator3D software controls both Mechanical Z axis in the system and Optical Focal Z axis in our Laserator3D scanner head.

Laserator TUWANA 3D Fiber Laser Engraving Machine


▪ Axial Movements of The Work Table: X = 430mm, Y=350mm, Z=235mm
▪ Work Table Dimensions =380X513mm
▪ Proprietary Design 3D Scanner Head
▪ Strong Profiled Steel & Sheet Metal Construction

▪ Fully Mobile on the Floor with Its Heavy-Duty Caster Wheels
▪ Machine Weight: 1100kgs
▪ A Granite Construction built up of Two Columns, One Work Table Body and One Gantry
▪ Telescopic Auto Sliding Door & Laser Safety Window

▪ Powerful Exhaust Emission and Filtration System
▪ Finger Protective Barriers
▪ An Optical Z Axis with Dynamic Focal Length Adjustments;
FL=144mm, 138X138mm @ Z=-53mm
FL=191mm, 125X125mm @Z=0
FL=244mm, 116X116mm @ Z= +53mm
▪ Both Mechanical and Dynamic Focal Z Axes
▪ User Defined Many Laser Sanding Operations
▪ 4608X3288 Pixel External Mono Camera (1,4µX1,4µ Pixel Length)
▪ 2592X1944 Pixel, Internal Color Camera (2,2µX2,2µ Pixel Length)
▪ Special Camera Software
▪ Inner Enclosure Day Light LED Illumination System
▪ White & Red LED Ring Lights for Better Work Piece Illumination

Marking Systems & Technologies
Marking Systems & Technologiessmt-series Laserator OEM Fiber Laser Modules
Our Referances
Our participation in the Fair EURO BLECH in 2018
Our Marking Machines are in the EMO Trade Show during 18-23 Sept 2017
Awaiting To See You At Our Booth F82 in Hall 17 on the fair ground of Hannover Messe in Germany
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" As the first dental implant manufacturer of Turkey, Sanlilar Tibbi Cihazlar wishes Sermatek to keep on the good work considering the ratio of price, quality, and locality that leads Sermatek to be leading many other companies in this sector. "

Sanlilar Tibbi Cihazlar

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