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Functional Animations of Laserator CLASSY-OTF Fiber Laser Marking Machine 

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Work Pieces of Laserator CLASSY-OTF Fiber Laser Marking Machine 

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Fiber Laser Deep Engraving Machine Fiber Laser Aluminium Marking Machine Aluminium Marking Machine Aluminium Laser Marking
Laser Gold Cutting Machine Laserator Silver Laser Cutting Silver Cutting By Fiber Laser Silver Ring Cutting By a Fiber Laser Machine
Gold Plate Marking By A Fiber Laser Machine

Specifications of Laserator CLASSY-OTF Fiber Laser Marking Machine 

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Larger than a Tasky-OTF Fiber Laser Marking System & equipped with caster wheels for the flexible mobility on the factory floor, Laserator Classy-OTF Laser Marking System may optionally enclose a range of Turkish-made 19" rack mount smt-series laserator OEM fiber laser modules from 20Watts to 100Watts, a range of CO2 laser modules from 10Watts to 40Watts, an Industrial Computer, a programmable Z-axis for automatic focal range adjustments according to the heights of different work-pieces, laser window pans that filter the health-impairing effects of laser beams, angel-adjusted rotary axis mountable with pneumatic grippers or manual chucks and a vise for goldsmiths in jewellery sector, programmable X and Y axes, C axis for angular positioning of scan heads, a range of F-Theta lenses for different marking areas from 70X70mm to 300X300mm, smart cameras and software for reading 2D data matrix codes, barcodes and high-resolution cameras for laser processings at micron levels.
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Customer Comments
Customer comments on used marking technologies, marking systems and marking techniques

" As the first dental implant manufacturer of Turkey, Sanlilar Tibbi Cihazlar wishes Sermatek to keep on the good work considering the ratio of price, quality, and locality that leads Sermatek to be leading many other companies in this sector. "

Sanlilar Tibbi Cihazlar

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