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Laserator TUWANA Fiber Laser 3D Engraving & Marking System
Laserator TUWANA Fiber Laser 3D Engraving & Marking System
Laserator Fiber Laser Marking Machines
Laserator 2D, 2.5D 3D Fiber Laser Marking, Engraving & Cutting Machinery Systems
smt-series Laserator OEM Fiber Laser Modules
smt-series Laserator OEM Fiber Laser Modules
Laserator Silver Laser Cutting
Aluminium Laser Fiber Laser Marking Operation
Periodical issues about Marking Techniques, Methods, Systems,Marking Technologies

P. Laakso1, S. Ruotsalainen1, H. Pantsar2, R. Penttilä1

Abstract Color marking of stainless steels as a process is known for sometime but still it has not been used widely in the industry. Some industrial applications have been seen. New MOPA fiber lasers allow independent tuning different laser parameters and the marking process can be optimized for producing colors with better quality and visual appea Click for more on this assay

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Laserator HANDY Desktop Fiber Laser Marking Machine

Laserator TASKY-OTD Fiber Laser Marking Machine

Laserator CLASSY-OTF Fiber Laser Marking Machine

Laserator TASKY-OTF On-The-Floor Fiber Laser Marking Machine

Laserator PORTY-PUMP Mobile Fiber Laser Marking Machine

Laserator TUWANA 3D Fiber Laser Machining Center
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Laserator PORTY Class-IV Mobile Fiber Laser Marking Machine with Manual Z Axis

Laserator PORTY Class-IV Mobile Fiber Laser Marking Machine with Manual Z Axis

Structurally in the model of PORTY Mobile Fiber Laser machine called as Class-I in terms of job security and therefore a pair of 1064nm fiber laser wavelength filtering goggles needed to be used with for best protection of the operator, there are 3 modular layers. The topmost layer includes our smt-series fiber laser, a work table with holes for workpiece positioning and a manual z-axis with a position meter for focal adjustment. The middle layer encloses an industrial computer. And the lowest layer is a cabinet that holds some unused parts such as f-theta lenses and cleaning chemicals. PORTY fiber laser moves on the factory floor and repositioned near to a post. When a C axis is mounted to that fiber laser marking machine, large and long or large and angular parts are marked easily.
More on PORTY Mobile Fiber Laser Marking Machine
Laserator TASKY OTD Desktop Fiber Laser Marking Machine

Laserator TASK OTD Desktop Fiber Laser Marking Machine

TASKY-OTD, having the smallest enclosure among the class-I ones in its range, ideal for marking the workpieces up to 22cms in height, equipped with an industrial computer, a programmable z-axis, a rotary axis, 2D data matrix readers, a dust/smoke emission exhaust system, cameras for repositioning of the workpieces already worked, is a desktop fiber laser marking machine with the CE mark. All models including TASKY-OTD desktop fiber laser marking machine has been designed by our engineers with a background in laser technology and machine building sector for 13 years, using very sturdy and problem-free components running perfectly in accordance.
More on that desktop fiber laser marking machine
Laserator TASKY-OTF Fiber Laser Marking Machine

TASKY-OTF, Mobile on the Factory Floor, Smallest within Its Class, Fiber Laser Marking Machine

This fiber laser marking machine, moved close to any workstation or post by the help of its caster wheels, is a system that is equipped with 10W, 20W, 30W, 50W, 70W or 100W smt-series Q-Switched or CW Mode Fiber Laser Sources. The design of the fiber laser machine is done by Sermatek's engineers according to the needs for its integration into any automation lines such as Laserator CLASSY-OTF fiber laser marking machine. Amongst the standard accessories, there is a programmable z-axis, an interface for rotary axis, a requested fiber laser power within the range of 10 through 100Watts and an industrial computer. Laserator TASK-OTF fiber laser marking machine can be equipped with some 2D data matrix code readers, some special cameras, X, Y & C axes based on our customer needs.
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Laserator Classy-OTF Fiber Laser Marking Machines

Laserator Classy-OTF Fiber Laser Marking Machines

This model of enclosure specifically designed for fiber laser marking applications has the sitting area of 90X70CM on the factory floor and the height of 220CM, which holds a smt-series Laserator fiber laser modules within the power range of 20-100W and an industrial computer. The monitor, wireless keyboard and mouse kit suspended by a stainless steel carrier on Classy-OTF enclosure are easily used while the operator is both at the front door and the right door. Laserator Classy-OTF fiber laser marking system consists of 2 sections separable from each other. The top side of the upper section encloses both fiber laser unit and the industrial computer. Upper section encloses a programmable Z-axis, optional Rotary Axis, optional X Axis or X&Y Axes, C-Axis.The lowest section of the enclosure is a cart with 4 caster wheels mounted for mobility and maximum flexibility on the floor. The whole fiber laser machine is designed to fit in any production line.
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Laserator CLASSY-OTD Fiber Laser Marking & Engraving Machine

Laserator CLASSY-OTD Fiber Laser Marking & Engraving Machine

Having the laser working capacity in 2,5 axis with its programmable z-axis and its Laserator Software, Laserator CLASSY-OTD Desktop Class-I fiber laser marking & engraving system works an STL extended 3D file slice by slice with the precision of 0.02mm indexing. To obtain the ultimate efficiency at engraving jobs we suggest smt-series Laserator Q-Switched 50 and 70W Fiber Laser Sources. Classy models of enclosures can work the workpieces up to 45cms in height. It is very well designed to meet all demanding marking jobs from all sectors. For instance, to cut, engrave or mark golden or silver rings in the jewelry sector, we integrate an angular rotary axis to the Classy-OTF in addition to the vise used for cutting precious sheet pieces into specially shaped parts. We also offer very powerful dust filters along with exhaust emission systems, mostly used to filter the valuable particles. Our Classy-OTF Fiber Laser Marking Machine can be carried by 4 people.
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Laserator Tuwana 3D Laser Marking & Engraving Machine

Tuwana 3D Fiber Laser Marking & Engraving Center

Laserator TUWANA is a 3D Fiber Laser Engraving & Marking Center equipped with a 3D Scanner that we designed for 3D marking and 2.5 and 3D engraving jobs, granite table, columns and gantry bridge mounted with very precise X, Y and Z linear guides, high-resolution cameras and circular white and red led lights for tracking the quality of engraving, Being equipped with 50, 70 and 100W smt-series Laserator Q-Switched Fiber Laser Modules, it is plugged with a Rotary Axis for circumferential operations. Its powerful emission and filtration system enable us to recycle the pulverized precious material in addition to keeping the inside of the machine clean. TUWANA that will find place in many application fields bu mainly in Jewellery sector, will enhance your products in micron and terminate very much hand work that takes days, even months.
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Laserator PORTY Class-IV Mobile Fiber Laser Marking Machine with Programmable Z Axis

Laserator PORTY Class-IV Mobile Fiber Laser Marking Machine with Programmable Z Axis

Our PORTY fiber laser marking machine with the programmable z-axis is offered to the manufacturers or traders who need to mark very wide range of products Whenever the program that is made for marking any specific product or workpiece is run, due to the programmable z-axis integrated, the scanner head of the PORTY fiber laser automatically focuses on the product. That way, operator will stay away from the chance that he would otherwise reach any non-standard marking result because of the possible misadjustment of the focal length done using handwheel manually
More on Porty Fiber Laser w/ Programmable Z Axis
Laserator LARGY-OTF Class-I Fiber Laser Marking Machine

Laserator LARGY-OTF Class-I Fiber Laser Marking & Engraving Machine

LARGY-OTF Class-I Fiber Laser Marking & Engraving Machine is specially designed for laser processing any large work pieces and laser engraving processes. Since, in its standards, it is equipped with a programmable Z-axis and installed with our "2.5 Axis Laserator Software" that enables you to process any STL extended file layer by layer, and when equipped with a 50W Q-Switched smt-series Laserator OEM fiber laser, it is especially demanded in jewelry and gun engraving sectors. Its large side doors and their capability of wide-opening enable us to put the LARGY-OTF enclosure in between any conveyor bands for any laser automation precess. When demanded, at any length, some conveyor bands are integrated into a LARGY enclosure, which also make it capable of handling any automation of laser marking processes, especially the workpieces or products on the move. Into the LARGY-OTF enclosure, our optional emission and filtration system can be also integrated for dust and smoke removal out of the working area.
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Laserator HANDY Desktop Fiber Laser Marking Machine

Laserator HANDY Desktop Fiber Laser Marking Machine

Designed for the marking operations on bench-tops, an easy to carry Class-IV Laserator HANDY Fiber Laser Marking Machine consists of a manual / programmable z-axis, a position meter for adjusting the focal length of the scan head, an aluminum/steel work table with M8 holes for fixture positioning and a smt-series OEM Q-switched fiber laser module/engine at the powers of 10Watts, 20Watts, 30Watts, 50Watts, 70Watts, 100Watts. Out of this model of laser marking machine enclosure, you can easily remove the marking work table and mount it on any bench-top you like within minutes. That way, with the vertically standing marking laser engine on one side or at the bottom of the desk and the metal work table of the complete laser marking system on the other, you turn your desk or work bench into a laser marking workstation you like. All you have to do is to remove 4 bolts that secure the metal work table to the top of the marking laser enclosure and replace it where you like on a desk or bench. Since our smt-series OEM Fiber Laser Modules are integrable to all our laser marking enclosures in addition to our integrators' or customers', service issues are handled very easily lowering the total servicing time.
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smt-series Laserator OEM Fiber Laser Modules

smt-series Laserator OEM Fiber Laser Modules

Because of its advanced interface and 4U class 19" rack mount construction, smt-series OEM fiber laser marking modules are easily integrated into your own systems, automation lines, machines, enclosures for robots etc. and start marking immediately. Complying with American, Europen and Turkish Security Standards, CE compliant smt-series fiber laser modules are used in mainly all sectors for marking procedures. Powered as 10Watts, 20Watts, 30Watts, 50Watts, 70Watts and 100Watts, our smt-series OEM fiber laser modules are at the same size and dimensions. Supporting such programmable external 2 axes as a rotary axis and a z-axis in all automation lines, our OEM modules has 100,000 hours of MTBF. The engineering design of the led indicators are done considering the fast and easy aftersales services of our trained technicians and engineers.The technical files of smt-series OEM Fiber Laser Marking Modules are prepared based on EN ISO 12100:2010 and EN ISO 11553-1 standards with the test analysis done based on EN 60204-1:2006/AC:2011, EN 61000-6-1:2007, EN 61000-6-3:2007/A1:2011/AC:2012 standards. Our smt-series OEM Fiber Laser Marking Engines are being offered with their CE sign on their name tags and EMC & LVD test results.
More Details on Fiber Laser Marking Module
Laserator PORTY-PUMP Mobile Fiber Laser Marking Machine

Laserator PORTY-PUMP Mobile Fiber Laser Marking Machine

Designed by our design engineers especially for marking submersible pumps vertically before their delivery to their final destination. Laserator Porty-Pump can easily approach to a vertically standing submersible pump and mark its tag-like contents in addition to warnings all along its longitudinal axis. This machine saves its investor a lot of time in marking and it is permanent compared to any alternative. This machine is so designed as to fit any submersible pump in length and in diameter. It tolerates the curved surfaces without any deterioration in quality. It automatically starts marking from the top of a submersible pump and finishes the marking at the bottom of the pump. Laserator PORTY-Pump can be used in a mobile way for marking any large, unmovable or tall parts
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Laserator LARGY-OTF Fiber Laser Marking Work Station

Laserator LARGY-OTF Fiber Laser Marking Work Station

Designed for marking large or long work pieces within a CLASS-I, well-protected, enclosure. This model has an accordion front door in its standards. However, motor driven or pneumatic front or side doors are also possible optionally. Designed considering the automation lines, it can be easily integrated into your already running lines. On the ground of the work safety standards and requirements of any company, in the work shops where more than 1 person works, it is an obligation to run all lasers in so much completely sealed areas as for any person not to see fiber lasing operation by bare eyes. In short, Laserator LARGY-OTF is a CLASS-I Laser work station too.
For more details, click here
Laserator PORTY-C Fiber Laser Marking Machine

Laserator PORTY-C Fiber Laser Marking Machine

As the name suggests, the Laserator PORTY-C is an industrial fiber laser marking machine that can easily move on the factory floor, easily approach different workstations, focus on every type of work pieces by the help of the Z and C axes previously programmed over the laserator marking software. This model, which is equipped with our smt-series fiber laser modules of different powers to choose from, gives advantages to its investors in terms of both flexibility and mobility. This class-IV model can be transformed into a class-I fiber laser marking machine with an optional top chassis group with its doors when requested.
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Laserator FreeCube Fiber Laser Marking Machine

Laserator FreeCube Fiber Laser Marking Machine

This model of fiber laser marking machine is preferable for marking a wide range of products from plastics to metals in different volumes. FreeCube, being in the Class-IV security group, is used by the operators wearing eye-protection glasses for 1064 nm laser beam. Since thousands of programs made using a Z axis and an industrial computer, it can mark work pieces one after the other without making any focal adjustment beforehand. FreeCube turns the work table into a work station, enabling any operator to start laser marking operations without losing time. You will easily be marking easy-to-carry large and long work pieces.
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Laser Marking Machine - Laserator LARGY-OTF Fiber Laser Marking Machine

Laserator LARGY-RT Rotary Table Fiber Laser Marking Machine

The LARGY-RT Fiber Laser Marking Machine with a 60cm Rotary Table indexing every 180 degrees upon each push of a start button can mark 50kg work pieces in total. The operator of that marking machine has to push the start button after placing each work piece on the rotary table. Then, the rotary table stops after turning 180 degrees, the work piece taken inside the enclosure is marked and the new push of a button is awaited. The LARGY-OTF w/ a rotary table enables the operator to mark quickly in a safest possible way complying with all the safety procedures.
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Laserator 3D Laser Scanners

Laserator 3D Laser Scanners are the first series in industrial concept, supported by KOSGEB, a governmental institution, designed and manufactured uniquely & inventively by World of Marking Team in SERMATEK. 3D Laser Scanners are being used for larger laser processing fields as in 2D laser textile cutting or 2D laser textile marking, 3D laser metal engraving and also largely used in 3D laser metal marking, and 3D laser plastic engraving, 3D laser metal sintering, 3D laser liquid plastic printing, 3D laser plastic welding, 3D laser cutting, 3D cine vision applications, 3D visual effects. These Inventive 3D laser scanners in the range of Laserator scanners are formed with its modules based on customer requirements for capabilities and dimensions by including an internal coaxial camera for positioning needs, external cameras for laser process tracking and inspection, internal or external red pointers, external 2D data matrix and barcode scanning smart cameras, external LED illumination modules, external measuring cameras. The enclosures of Laserator Laser 3D Scanners are made of aluminum that allows us to configure your 3D scanner in shape and capabilities. Our scanners can also be manufactured in so much as not to use any external F-Theta Lenses too.
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" Hello. Thank you very much for the help and your maintenance to the machine I give you the big salute because you are a leader in your business thank you very much to you and all the team. "
Sid Ahmed Dib

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